R.B. Meiser Highlander CX Rods


… The Highlander CX rods are most appreciated by those anglers that enjoy a rod action with a very incremental and even power increase, an equally uniform flex from tip to butt, with a fast speed of recovery …


… Over the past 15 years our Classic Highlander actions have developed a strong following with anglers worldwide. We have recently completed a generational material up grade within the Highlander series. As a result, the previous Highlander “C” series rods have now been replaced by the new Highlander CX series.

We do now have the new Highlander CX rods available as two handed rods, 6 piece two handed travel rods and single hand rods.

The actions for all of the CX rods are by definition: Uniform progressives. This means that (like the Highlander C series), the new CX’s will still have a very even and incremental increase in power from tip to butt, and an equally even and uniform flex that will be felt nicely well into the cork when under full line load. When we go through generational material up-grades, we do work very hard to maintain our traditional benchmark flex patterns, and the new CX rods are no exception.

The most notable difference between the previous generation of the Highlander C, and the new CX blanks will be their weight in hand. Our new proprietary CX materials and lay-up schedules have allowed us to decrease overall blank weight by 15% to 20% from previous generations.

You will also notice that the new materials have allowed increased speeds of recovery, broader grain windows, and a touch sensitivity that will enhance performance in both the delivery and the fish fight that far surpasses our previous generation of Highlander C blanks.

The bottom line is that the lightness in hand, and authoritive  crisp feel of the new Highlander CX rods at work is amazing. We have always considered the Highlanders to be our flagship series of rods ... The benchmark that all other R.B. Meiser family actions have been derived.

We are very proud of the new CX rods, and we feel that they do truly represent, and carry on the highest caliber of functional design and contemporary material use. Typical characteristics that have consistently defined and represented the R.B Meiser Highlander series of rods for over 15 years.

R.B. Meiser Highlander CX 4 pc Two Handed Rods

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R.B. Meiser Highlander CX 6pc Travel Rods

We have been asked by many anglers over the past several seasons to design and develop a series of 6 pc travel rods. Putting together the new Highlander CX 4 pc rods gave us the perfect opportunity to do this.

One of our primary objectives in the design of this series of rods was to maintain the same power and flex characteristics typical for all of our CX Highlanders … And we did exactly this. In other words: The Highlander CX 6 pc rods do have that same sweet legendary power and soul that have made our Highlander series the preferred rods for literally thousands of two handed anglers world wide over the past 15 years

The bottom line is that there were absolutely no compromises made to create the Highlander CX 6 pc versions. They not only allow excellent convenience to the traveling angler, but also deliver with exactly the same premiere efficiency, and maintain the same durability as do their 4 pc Highlander CX counterparts.  In addition, the 6 pc CX rods are amazingly light in hand, coming in at only a small fraction of an ounce heavier then our comparable CX 4 pc rods.

At 6 pc, they will meet all the convenience requirements of the traveling angler. All of the rods at 13’0” to 16’0” will fit securely within your checked baggage, this eliminating the need of additional checked baggage fees. If security is your primary concern  They will all fit safely within many approved carry-on bags, and be allowed to fit inside typical overhead bins.

Many of our clients have told us that with all things considered, they have found the new Highlander CX 6 pc. rods to be the best performing travel rods available to the angler in the world today. In fact, several have shared with us that they actually prefer them to comparable 4 pc rods for all of their general applications ... With travel convenience being a great added bonus … !!!

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