How to Order

The products that we offer are very use specific, and our custom built two handed fly rods are often quite personalized: For these reasons … We do not offer a shopping cart style on-line store.


Correctly matching two handed fly rods and line marriages designed to accurately meet the angler’s specific fishing application can be a rather detailed process, and we have always understood that the very best way to give our clientele premium service is to do so by exchanging accurate and detailed information one-on-one. 

We question our anglers with credible questions so that they can give us credible answers. These questions will be in regards to the names of waters that the angler will fish, and the seasons that they will fish them.  We’ll ask about the targeted game fish species, the lines systems they will wish to use, and the flies that will be presented. We will discuss preferred rod actions and rod lengths, and correct reel sizes. These are all relative questions and accurate answers to them greatly aide us in suggesting the correct tools that will get the job done most efficiently and effectively.

Once this criterion is established, we can then approach the details of the rod build itself. 

If you are interested in any of the products that we offer, or wish to discuss our philosophy on fishing two handed rods please feel free to call our shop at 541-770-4766. We are located in Medford, Oregon Pacific Standard Time zone. 

You can also E-Mail our shop with brief questions at:



If your questions are detailed, I would highly suggest a phone chat. 

You can call during our working hours 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST (541-770-4766). You can also E-Mail your phone number. Leave us your location, the best time to reach you; and I will ring you.   

Thanks very much for the interest in our rods, and look forward to hearing from you - Bob Meiser