R.B. Meiser Trout Speys

R.B. Meiser Trout Speys

… Single hand fly rod anglers may debate the point that there is really no need to utilize two handed rods for the details of Trouting techniques. This is very true, and their point is valid …


… But many fly rod anglers now have the desire to utilize two handed rods for their applied Trouting techniques, not only for its efficiency and effectiveness, but more importantly: Simply for the joy of using light weight two handed rods while pursuing their favorite smaller game fish.

Over the past few seasons we have seen a very strong, and growing appreciation for lightweight rods within the two handed community. The community has come to realize that the diverse applications of two handed rods do not have to be limited only to the pursuit of Salmon and Steelhead. In truth: Many anglers have come to realize that a very broad range of both fresh and salt water game fish are wonderful sport with the two handed rod.

Pursuing smaller game fish utilizing applied Trouting techniques with an extremely lightweight two handed rod is as lethally effective as it is fun to do. When balanced to proper lines, all classic Trouting techniques can be applied: Wet fly and soft hackle swing, dead drift dry fly presentations, streamer fishing, high stick nymphing, and indicator nymphing are all suitable techniques for the light weight two hander.

All of the RB Meiser light weight two handed rods are specifically designed for the smaller game fish enthusiast. They are available as Highlander CX, the Highlander S Rods, as well as the Master Series conversion rod series. This selection of two handed rods are suitable for all game fish from 1.5 pounds to 12+ pounds in weight. They are available in lengths from 10’0” to 15’6”, with grain windows that will range from 150/250 to 400/650 grains.

R.B. Meiser Two Handed Trout Speys

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